Working with Travel Bloggers


Written by Marcus Schäfer

CNO at powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Jul 5, 2019

How Working with Travel Bloggers could turn out to be profitable for your business

Are you the owner of a hotel at a prime location that is buzzing with tourists in the holiday season? Maybe you own a travel agency that needs a little bit of special marketing. Working with travel bloggers will give your business just the boost it needs!

Travel bloggers are people who travel to places all over the world. From the lush, lively forests of the Amazon to the electric blue waters of Bora Bora – they travel far and wide. And what not, they write about their journeys.

The traditional approach taken by travel bloggers was to document their journeys via blog posts. These days, however, it is becoming more common for people to record their travels on video. While the travelers themselves have fun-filled trips, their followers can get a first-person view of all the places that are visited by the bloggers.

They not only showcase their journeys on their websites or YouTube channels for viewers to enjoy, but also share the most attractive features about their trips. Working with a travel blogger would mean worldwide promotion for your business, be it a travel agency or a hotel. Now if you are wondering exactly why you need that little special bit of publicity, here are some reasons why it would be a good idea for your business.

1. Worldwide Following

Some famous bloggers have a following of millions of people. Whatever places they visit become part of their online journals. They use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to reach people from all over the world. All those people following these travel blogs regularly are highly encouraged and motivated to follow suit. Only one thing could be better than looking at travel blogs: experiencing the trip in person!

2. Good PR for You

Being a business owner, who doesn’t like some inexpensive marketing and branding, right? By featuring your business in their blogs, travel bloggers can bring customers straight to you. All they would have to do is mention their positive experiences with your business in their blogs.

And for you, it would be a smart choice to not rely entirely on other expensive or complicated marketing tactics. Instead of looking at plain old boring advertisements, your target audience could definitely use a fresh perspective on your business!

3. Relatable for Your Target Market

Have you ever thought about why people follow travel bloggers in the first place? You may think that they are merely a bunch of fancy tourists traipsing around, but that is not what their followers think. To them, travel bloggers are indeed regular people, doing something as mundane as travelling from place to place. However, this is why most people find them interesting. They can relate to the journeys and take solace in the fact that these trips are not something out of a fairytale. People can take guidance from these bloggers when planning their own trips.

Travelling is a passion that both the bloggers and their followers share. Therefore, if they find your business to be of any use to the blogger, their followers will also be curious enough to at least give your services a try. Make sure you don’t let them down!

4. New Content and Online Presence

Oftentimes, businesses are unable to create or maintain an online presence all by themselves. Now, all the work that travel bloggers do revolves around being a noticeable presence on the internet. So, working with a travel blogger would provide you with the prefect chance to make a name for your business in the online market too.

When travel bloggers mention how they enjoyed their stay at your hotel or took the quite helpful guidance from your travel agency, it would lead to your online growth and popularity.

The higher the number of likes, shares, comments, or re-tweets that the bloggers’ content gets, the more exposure your business will get. Apart from that, you can also cut down on your own online content. In place of hiring writers to put together blogs for you, you can rely on the bloggers to spread the word around. Bloggers with higher following will also help your business rank higher online.

How much does it cost and how do you approach travel bloggers for collaboration?

If you get in touch with the right travel blogger, you can strike a great deal with them. Travelling is expensive. Therefore, travel bloggers often look for ways to save as much as they can. For this reason, they usually offer to include the hotels, local restaurants, resorts, or other venues and service providers they visit in their travel diaries.

Made up your mind about hiring a travel blogger? Great!

Have you made up your mind about working with a travel blogger yet? Do you want to start looking for one right away? Great, you are in luck! On our platform, we bring together the entire travel industry and unite you with some of the best travel bloggers.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and get ready for the amazing adventures ahead!