What is a FAM Trip and what are the benefits?

FAM Trips for Travel Professionals

Written by Marcus Schäfer

CNO at BUZZ.travel powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Aug 1, 2019

We already covered many ways of networking within our BUZZ.travel Blog, today we tell you more about Familiarization Trips, also short known as “Fam Trip”.

What exactly is a Fam Trip?

Fam Trips offer various benefits for both, the suppliers and attendees.

On one hand, these trips are a great marketing tool for hotels, transportation companies and all businesses that want to be visible for the travel industry.

By inviting target cooperation partners the inviting company has the opportunity to convince with their services and optimize those along with the feedback of the attendees. If the invitees are satisfied while their trip, they will be more motivated to recommend and sell that trip to their clients.

For travel agents, meeting planners or even bloggers these trips can be a great learning tool. They get to know the destinations & vendors and these trips extend their view on travelling in general.

Suppliers and business partners like tour operators, hotels, airlines or cruise lines organize these short time-outs to invite you and fellow industry members to become familiar with their products.

Benefits of attending a Fam Trip

When you attend a Fam Trip, the schedule of the trip is pre-fixed and presented before your take-off. Guided tours, site inspections, dinners & activities are scheduled and as a attendee you are asked to join all of these program points. Usually, meals are included, the stay at the hotel is covered or discounted.

This is still a business trip…

Keep in mind: The days are packed, and you will get a lot of information within a short time frame, be prepared and make sure to attend in best state of mind & body.

The best thing: You will meet other business contacts on the go, as only verified members of the travel industry are able to join these getaways.

By now you should get the bigger picture: You spend time at great locations, you learn more about all services, enjoy the best activities while meeting other travel professionals. All in all you spend a memorable time while reinforcing and fostering new business connections.

Organizing a Fam Trip & BUZZ.travel features

In case you´ve seen it all and want to make a bigger impact, or push your travel business to the next level, have you ever thought about creating your own Fam Trip?

BUZZ.travel is the place to start. We provide a network of professionals to connect with and invite to your own Fam Trip. All BUZZ.travel Members (except Basic Membership) are able to apply directly on the platform. You can easily filter through our search tool which members suit your Fam Trip best. Post your FAM Trip and additionally send out personalized invitations through the instant messenger. You get notified when a member applies.

Here are some more tips to make sure your Fam Trip is a success:

  • Involve your network of professionals and create an itinerary that matches your target audience.
  • Make sure to choose the right accommodation. There is no need to invite agents to a 5* hotel when they usually book for 3* hotel customers.
  • Balance out the activities and grant your attendees some free time. This way these agents are able to share their own personal insights and experiences to their customers.
  • Choose alternative and exciting program points, which separate your Fam Trip from a simple collection of sightseeing tips you can find on every webpage today.

We will showcase a bit right here: We have other great features like newsfeed and media tools in the making, allowing attendees and organizers to present their Fam Trip experience in the best way possible!

So, what are you waiting for? Fam Trips are worthwhile marketing and education for agents and suppliers alike. So keep in mind to always construct your Fam Trip in a way it serves all parties best.