Welcome Visit Greenland


Written by Jan Larsen

CEO at BUZZ.travel powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Jun 21, 2019

BUZZ.travel is thrilled to have Visit Greenland and the very special destination on the platform – in the community!!

“Tikilluarit Greenland” (“welcome” in Kalaallisut – the mostly used Inuit language)

Today Greenland celebrates its National Day; lnuinni Pilluarit” (happy birthday)!!

Wow, what a destination?

  • The biggest island in the world; geographically a part of Northern America but part of the Kingdom of Denmark (Scandinavia – cannot become more European!) but autonomous
  • 80 pct. of the country covered by ice – but called Greenland – yeah, marketing slogans weren’t invented yesterday (see below)
  • Size-wise 22 pct. of the US – incl. Alaska; however, the population (56 k) only 0.02 pct. of the US!
  • Fascinating nature and wildlife. Animals you wouldn’t see anywhere else.
  • See also the settlement below!!

As just these small facts show; Greenland is a very special place. A population of only 56 k and tourist visitors of about 75 k. Greenland is not interested in mass tourism which will endanger the very particular nature; Greenland promotes a soft and sustainable tourism which goes hand in hand with the delicate nature on Greenland. This country is pure and extraordinary nature experiences.

And the name “Greenland”? – was given to the island by the Islandic / Norwegian Viking Eric the Red (had a big red beard) as he arrived in the 10th century. He wanted to attract people to settle on the island from back home; marketing gimmick! The Norsemen settled with 2000-10,000 people in South Western Greenland. These settlers disappeared some 400-500 years later. Science does not really know why.

Greenland was, however, settled much before; scientists think that Asian settlers came to Greenland 4,500 BC, they died out and “immigrants” from Canada resettled about 2,000 years later. The first inhabitants settled in North Eastern Greenland; whereas the latter settled first in the North Western part and later spread. They lived in small bands of 4 – 30 families and from hunting.

Not a country for wimps; the settlement history of Greenland demonstrates the roughness and uniqueness of the nature. Have you, by the way, ever seen the “Greenland roll” – rolling 360 degrees in a kayak in cold cold water?

By the way; 2.5 mln. years ago; Greenland was actually green – scientists have figured out.

The National Day was introduced in 1983 to celebrate Home Rule. In 1979 the people of Greenland voted in a referendum for Home Rule. Home Rule was 20 years later replaced by Self Government. This means; Greenland is still a part of Denmark; but has its own parliament and government; and most legislative areas are governed by Greenland.

The National Day is celebrated on the longest day of the year.

What else could be in a country where it is dark a large part of the year? But not “like in a room without windows”; Visit Greenland describes it like this “People expect polar nights to be complete darkness, but the locals often say that it’s brighter than you expect. The soft light coaxes out alluring shades of pastel pinks and blues in the dusky sky. When the sun has set (or if it never rose), the snow reflects the moonlight in the wintertime, and the northern lights in the dark skies produce another form of brightness to the evening.”