From Madeira to Berlin


Written by Jan Larsen

CEO at powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Aug 6, 2019

Our CEO Jan Larsen started his Europe Roadtrip beginning from one of his homebases, the Island of Madeira of course with his Harley Davidson Fat Bob.
The great journey has started in Funchal, Madeira by 26 hours ferry to Portimão and he just now explores the rural landscapes of medieval Spain, discovering breathtaking views along the road.

From Sergovia to Tremps; a bit of highway, curvy country roads and the last hours small step and narrow mountain road.

Great and changing scenery; red soil, cliffs, soft hills (but wilder than the Italian ones), mountains, landscape looking like a huge lignite mine; only this is not man but God made – and all very dry and hot, hot.

The plan was to head for Andorra. Started late due to a zoom call – need to grow WTN – and after the last 1-1.5 hours of mountains (2-3 gear – and tunnels where the Jekyll and Hyde exhaust brings full value for money)
I decided it was time for a cold beer and to get out of the wet jeans (sweet).

Stayed in the Catalonian city of Tremps – very nice.
After the low prices of Portugal – we are slowly getting to a West European price level.

First part of the day: From Tremp to Sort – Le Seu d’Urgell and Andorra (altitude 1,100 meters).

Small villages in the Pyrenees.
If you want Rock n Roll, expensive champagne and long legged models for your holidays; this is not where you go!

But if you want fantastic mountain scenery – changing, great roads (the Spaniards must have had their nose pretty deep in the EU Structure Funds), little traffic, bike riding for grown-ups; this is a “must do” – some of the best biking riding I have done.

After the wonderful ride in the mountains of the Pyrenees I reached Andorra. A small principal high up in the mountains between Spain and France.

74,000 inhabitants, 50 pct. foreigners with appetite for low taxes.
Never seen so many gas stations on such a small piece of land – price 60 pct. of the French / Spanish ones.

I got my hypothesis, that the girls here are no better nor worse than in Catalonia or Southern France, confirmed – and went down the mountain on the French side…