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Press Releases, Impact Articles and Breaking News Options

Breaking News & Paywall

NON-promotional developing news tips only
free or paywall
  • Developing breaking news tips and press releases to be shared with assignment editors.Do not put yourself in danger when reporting breaking news! You may call or text us. Contact us
  • Not meant to promote, advertise, or to build traffic to your website.
  • Items already available on google news is not considered timely. No guarantee of coverage.
  • If accepted, links, names, and promotional language may be edited or deleted. Links to and mentioning of competing entities could be included.
  • A paywall may be added if accepted. Only readers paying a premium will be able to read your content. This will limit openings and awareness tremendously.
  • Paywall articles may not be submitted to search engines and Google/Yahoo/Bing News due to ranking concerns. Once a paywall is removed articles will ping to search engines for indexing

Guest posts

ala carte rates
$ 50
00 starting
pay per publication
  • Individual posting billed seperately per selected platform
  • Not meant for premium options, visibility and timely press-releases.
  • Relevant guestposts
  • Do follow links
  • Limited visibility
  • Individual rates per publication
  • Additional options not available
  • No bulk rates available

Press Release

timely, guaranteed prominent visibility
$ 199
Multiple publications combined
  • Prominent coverage on multiple platforms.
  • For timely press releases and important timeless stories. Expect high exposure throughout the eTN network of publications, social media links, and prominent search positioning. Usually posted within one hour.
  • Do follow links, multiple pictures and videos included
  • Advertorial wording, links, contact info: OK.
  • Included on e-newsletters, breaking news alerts, Google News Alerts often within minutes of posting.
  • Searchable on all major search engines, social media inclusion, submitted to Google/ Bing News.
  • Included on eTurboNews, eTN, TravelNews, Buzz, TravelWireNews, and other relevant publications within the eTN family depending on content..Click here for more info

Impact Article

The Complete Package
$ 999
All additional options & reports included
  • Articles created by a team of writers. We can do this independently and in cooperation with your PR team.
  • Research, interview, production, positioning.
  • Our goal is to position this article for "impact," good search and news exposure, and for a long shelf life.
  • All available additional options are included.
  • Posted on all appropriate eTN publications and 100+ partner publications and their social media, and search or news positioning throughout the world and with a focus on your target region and target audience.
  • Detailed report included.
  • Banners and crosslinks included.

Additional options for commercial press releases

FREEZE on Homepage

  • Your article frozen on the top of the homepage for a minimumum of 24 hours.

SEO Optimized

  • Add prominent keywords and search phrases.
  • Adjust content for prominent SEO trigger words.
  • Generate different article version if numerous publications are selected.
  • Enhanced social media campaign.
  • Optimized for Google News.
  • Optimized for best search results.
  • Optimized for best openings.

Top Placement

  • Included on numerous tags and categories
  • Preferred lead placement on e-newsletters
  • Included as a breaking News Alert
  • Link to your article from another story with relevant content

Eliminate 3rd party ads

  • No banner ads from third parties on your news post.
  • No cross-links to third party websites on your news post.
Partner Publications
  • Add 100 and more publications covering your release
  • Select your target audience by indicating the type of publication you would like to include
  • Select your preferred geographical region for partner publications to pick up your release or story
  • Multiple search & Google News exposure
  • Adjustment of headlines and content to generate double Google News, Yahoo, and Bing coverage
  • Receive a detailed coverage report
Editorial Assistance

We write content

  • We write your release or story based on your guidelines.
  • We research your content or come up with our own story idea.
  • We generate general story versions if you select more than one publication.
  • We look for headlines guaranteeing high openings.
  • We translate between English and German.

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