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Active breaking news tips.


  • Our assignment editors will decide if your tip or lead will be investigated and eventually published by eTN. We usually consider story ideas pushed by PR agencies part of our paid services.
  • Active news on an emergency and a crisis situation
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  • Editorials are news articles not written by businesses, advertising or PR agencies. They are never for sale. eTN staff writers and reporters write editorials to inform about BUT not to advertise products or destinations.
  • eTN will protect sources if requested and could keep such information private.
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Free Press Releases:


  • Our assignment editors are authorized to include relevant press releases on eTurboNews & eTN.
    Press-releases we publish as a free service usually include a paywall for readers.
    Readers will see the headline of the release and a short teaser.
    After paying $1 our reader will be able to see the full release. At any time you upgrade to our paid services this paywall will be removed immediately.
    This should dramatically increase exposure.

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    • Press releases are news stories written by businesses. For example, when businesses open new offices, appoint new directors, take part in events or launch new products or services, they use press releases to inform the public.
      Paid press releases should be objective
    • Accepted paid press-releases receive guaranteed coverage on our network.
    • Paid releases can include links, promotional language, and contact information
    • Paid press releases will not have a paywall. Our readers are able to read the full version without paying.

  • Advertorials are paid-for advertisements made to look like editorials or feature articles. Like editorials, advertorials express opinions, but they are written by businesses, advertising agencies and freelance copywriters.
  • Our Ultimate option believes traditional media releases distributed through costly wire services are usually a waste of time and money.
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WHY do we push so much for YOU to use our paid services?


  • We do not believe in “earned media” as a method to have our hard-working editorial team provide free coverage for commercial purposes.
  • We have bills to pay.
  • We do not accept fam trips, merchandise or tickets in return for publicity.
  • We do not guarantee coverage under the free option
  • The bottom line: No free advertising on eTN. We don’t expect you or your PR agency to work for free, NOR can we.