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  • My release is not promoting a company, a destination or person
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  • Limited distribution is ok.
  • Most non-paid releases will have a PAYWALL if published. It means only paying subscribers (about 3-5% of our normal readers) will be able to read your content.
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  • If selected and included, the positioning is mostly as a second or third category on relevant online news portals only.
  • No guarantee if and where my release will be published.
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Priority Release or Story Posting-
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  • My release included prominently and extensively- guaranteed!
  • I need to have my company name, destination name, and/or links included.
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  • I count on prominent Google News inclusion
  • I need a long shelf life for my release (SEO)
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  • I am interested in a wide distribution to include hundreds of eTN Partners
  • I am interested in a detailed success report.
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  • What is is part of the eTN group and created for travel brands with a story to tell and journalists/bloggers looking for compelling story ideas. believes traditional media releases distributed through costly wire services are usually a waste of time and money.We make it easy to share your news, change a perception or simply engage in intelligent influence marketing, but not with a traditional media release.
    Simply give us your news and we will distill it down to well-written original informational content.
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