Five options to include your news on eTN publications & partners

Most effective and unique

Create a buzz for your travel brand story!
– our alternative to traditional stories and press releases:

  • What is is created for travel brands with a compelling story to tell.
  • believes traditional media releases distributed through costly wire services are usually a waste of time and money.We make it easy to share your news, change a perception or simply engage in intelligent influence marketing, but not with a traditional media release.
    Simply give us your news and we will distill it down to well-written original informational content.
  • Let us rewrite and position your content (gladly work hand in hand with your PR experts)
  • Our guarantee:  You will receive complete and prominent coverage on the eTN Network, affiliates, and dozens of media partners.
  • Our guarantee: If desired, we will push your story for review by accredited media outlets and bloggers looking for solid story ideas.
  • Your story will stick out on major search engines and multipliers such as Google News.
  • Your story will have all the ingredients for a long shelf life in social media, news channels and search.
  • Your release will be a story on its way to millions.
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Effective & recommended

Priority press-release or story posting with increased guaranteed coverage and all your promotional wording, content, names and links included.
Select your own audience.

Our commitment

  • Your release will be included prominently and extensively.
  • Company names, destination name, and/or links will be included.
  • All social media channels included
  • Prominent Google News, Yahoo or Bing News inclusion.
  • Long shelf life (SEO)
  • Prominently included on eTN e-Newsletters reaching travel professionals, consumers, and/or journalists.
  • An option of a wider distribution to include hundreds of eTN media-partners
  • Option to receive a detailed report after distribution.
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Frequent posting

For PR professionals circulating press-releases constantly.

Are you a PR professional at an organization, company, association or government?
OR do you represent a PR agency?
Are you issuing press releases on a regular basis?

You may be eligible to receive a priority email address to get priority attention for your content, bypassing the 2000+ releases eTN receives on a daily basis.

There is no cost for qualified content. Applies for both free pitches and paid contracts.


What you may get for free -no guarantees. 

Story ideas and press releases that are first-hand news with no advertorial intend, links or promotional trigger words. Complete or even partial coverage not guaranteed.

If used, content usually cleaned of trigger words, company names, links and advertorial sentences.

Possibly used on a sideline within another story.

No guarantee used content will be part of any newsletter, social media posting, search or Google News inclusion,

No guarantee of any significant distribution.

Your release competes with 2000+ press releases eTN assignment editors receive daily.

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Breaking news

News emergencies: Never a charge


Witnessing a top urgent breaking news situation?
  • Call +1-808-536-1100 or  text, viber or what’s up: +1-808-953-4705
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