Why use commercial options?

Paid services are

One time posting rates:


One time posting rates

Rates per publication 
Maximum rate: $500

eTurboNews $150*  **
eTN.travel included

Travelwirenews: $100
Forimmediaterelease: $75**
Meetings.travel $100
Aviation.travel: $100
Gaytourism.travel: $100
Wines.travel: $100
Worldtourismwire: $250

Hawaiinews.online: $50

eturbonews.de: $100 *
business-travel.de: $75

* submitted to Google News

** click here for information on unlimited self – service upload options.

  • Limited editorial support
  • News-portal inclusion
  • Daily e-newsletter inclusion
  • Social media inclusion
  • Submitted to major search engines
  • Posting is subject to editorial evaluation
  • Subject to editorial approval

Ideal :

  • Guaranteed inclusion
  • Effective positioning
  • Good for PR professionals and SEO experts
  • Expected reach 



– All Basic Services included
– One time $150 charge regardless on how many  publication you selected.

  • SEO Support: Evaluate headlines for effectiveness
  • Evaluated trigger words for expected openings and search visibility
  • Evaluate keywords for positioning and Google News
  • Lead or more prominent newsletter positioning
  • Included on breaking news alerts and newsletters


  • Meant to attract high openings for important content.
  • No SEO experience necessary
  • Expected reach  



– All Basic and Enhanced Services included
– One time $500 charge regardless on how many publication you selected.

  • Full editorial support
  • Independent content writing
  • Interview and research, if desired
  • Enhanced SEO support including detailed keyword research
  • Enhanced social media engagement
  • Effective search engine submission in multiple formats
  • Impact writing to include effective headlines, search phrases and trigger words.
  • Top positioning in eTN newsletters and news-portals
  • Included in breaking news edition as a lead story 
  • CNN TASK & Partner Network inclusion. Posted on a large number of news portals, news-publications around the world
  • Expect a long shelf life and a large audience
  • A full report will be provided.


  • This is the “Mercedes version” of a press release or story posting and the difference is noticable – guaranteed.
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Included in paid options:

  • Guaranteed posted to news-portals
  • Eliminate paywall
  • Advertorial content ok
  • Links and contact information ok
  • Submitted to major search engines
  • Submitted to Google News and other news partners
  • Included on e-newsletters and breaking news updates
  • Preferred positioning
  • Link posting in other articles with similar content : More information click here
  • Banner postings in your articles: More Information click here
  • General banner rates on our websites and newsletters. More information click here 
  • Click here to compare with our all inclusive visibility plans, ideal for PR campaigns. They work with your input or could be provided automatically by our editorial staff and SEO professionals.

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Monthly & Yearly Visibility plans

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Visibility – Wide Reach – Eliminate Paywall – Guaranteed – Prominent posting – Lead Story- Impact Writing- Keyword search- Google News -Search Engines – Social Media