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– our journalist and blogger award program-

A publication these days received hundreds, sometimes even thousands of press releases on a daily basis. Most of the releases include strong advertorial language, and many PR professionals are trying to push this as “newsworthy” content.

Obviously, you cannot expect journalists, bloggers, and publications to publish your advertorial content, as much as you could not give your services away.

Welcome to #JournalistsMatter, our newly launched rewards program for travel writers and bloggers, because we believe Journalists matter.
The program is very straightforward, the eTN travel media group’s For Immediate Release platform produces and releases global news for leading travel and tourism brands, destinations and suppliers.
If a participating journalist publishes a release or writes a story from Immediate Release news, this journalist could be rewarded.
Only journalists and bloggers enrolled in the program are eligible and must confirm publication of each story with a valid, live link within one week of publication.
Rewards vary from cash, familiarization trips to special discounts on travel products and gift card rewards. Journalists will look for the #JournalistMatter link on releases circulated that participate in this program.

Your release will have #journalistmatter included and maybe a higher priority for posting.
You can indicate a specific amount to be shared by all journalists. PR professionals can participate in this program and designate an amount for your release to be shared in the reward pool. You would pay us for the release or leave a credit card number to be charged each time, and we will distribute and charge $25.00 administrative fee for the service. Any money left over will be refunded.

OR we will share all reward requests, contact information for journalists that had participated and posted your contact. This would allow you to build your own preferred distribution list and to contact journalists directly to coordinate benefits. The administrative fee is $100.00 one time per release.

Your contribution in money or in kind (FAM trips, advertising, recognition, backlinks) will assure a better and more targeted and individual pick up of your release.

The amount or the in-kind contribution is strictly up to you and depends on your budget and policy.  Amounts can be as small as $50.00 and as high as $25,000.00 for one release, depending on the urgency of major or not so major coverage.

There is no obligation or expectation for you to participate, but it will definitely increase the odds of making friends among our journalist and blogger subscribers.

Our distribution rates or plans are not affected by your willingness to contribute.

Additional fees

The following administrative fee will be added to your posting rate.
#journalistsmatter cash option

  • One posting: $25.00
  • Plans:
    Monthly: $250.00 post up to one a day
    Quarterly:$500.00 post up to one a day
    Yearly: $1,500.00 post up to one a day

#journalistsmatter in kind option and sharing of our database.

  • One posting: $100.00
  • Plans:
    Monthly: $1,000.00 post up to one a day
    Quarterly:$2,000.00 post up to one a day
    Yearly: $6,000.00 post up to one a day


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