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  • How to showcase your business and get the most out of
  • Learn more about our time-saving tools and resources to help you get a job done or promote your business and your company brand.
  • Best practices for Start-ups and Newbies.
  • Ways to network in the hospitality and tourism industry to find collaborative opportunities to drive your business forward.
  • How to post and create Travel Deals, Marketplace posts and start the new conversation at professional Forum.

These are just examples, but since this is a LIVE Q&A we follow whatever questions you and others have.
But if you have questions or interest in these topics, then you’re in the right place.

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Marcus Schäfer takes care of´s network and is the responsible manager for all process questions of our members. He loves connecting and interacting with different kinds of people from all over the world.

Marcus Schäfer

Chief Networking Officer

Marcus Schäfer

Chief Networking Officer

Valeria studied Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Saint Petersburg State University. Now she is up to revolutionize the work of Travel Professionals with World Travel Nation.

Valeria Lykova

Customer Success Supervisor

Here’s what you can expect on this live webinar


Quick and helpful answers to any questions you have about how to use for the needs of your business


How to use the unique features we’ve built to expand your business, explore Fam Trips and save big time cash with exclusive discounts & perks for travel professionals.


Q&A to answer any questions or concerns you have about whether is the right fit for you.

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