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  • You are witness of a breaking news situation
  • You have a confidential news-tip for eTurboNews.
  • Your news tip or press release is not meant to promote your or your clients brand, mention names or include links.
  • Your release is about a major hotel opening, a new airline route, airport expansion, top management changes or similar relevant issues
  • The release is from a non profit organization (charity)
  • You represent a partner event, a partner organization, or a major advertiser
  • This is a request for an exclusive interview not meant to promote
  • You understand if your release is used, names, links and advertorial language may be removed and/or a paywall could be added requiring readers to pay for reading this content.
  • You understand eTN cannot provide free promotional or branding services

Press-release plans



Commercial or FREE : Click here to continue
  • Very Limited Consideration
  • Not included on e-newsletters
  • Not included on breaking news alerts
  • Release shortened
  • No advertorial content and links
  • Readers have to pay to see your release
  • Guaranteed posting
  • Included on e-newsletters
  • Included on breaking news alerts
  • Full length release published
  • Advertorial content and links allowed
  • No charge to read your release
  • You are a PR professional and representative of a destination, association, airline, hotel or submting releases for other stakeholders, this is for you
  • You are submitting a press release for your organization, company or destination.
  • You need to link to your website, mention company names or affiliations?
  • Commercial releases will be posted as is, unless editors find grammatical or content mistakes. Advertorial wording ok.
  • Acceptance is guaranteed, unless there is strong editorial objection.
  • Include your release on selected or all eTN publications
  • You need some help writing? eTN editors are available to assist.
  • Find your release on all major search engines, Google/ Yahoo/ Bing news and social media
  • Your release will be included on all relevant eTN Newsletters, and news alerts
  • You are looking for top exposure and visibility?
  • eTN can produce your content independently or in cooperation with your PR team
  • Guaranteed lead posting whenever possible and prominent positioning on all relevant eTN publications and partners
  • All content is checked and adjusted for prominent keywords and SEO to guarantee high openings and aa long shelf life
  • Different versions of your article are posted to our publications and our extensive partner network of almost 200 major news papers and publications
  • Excpect multiple listings on search engines, Google News, social media and other news aggregators
  • If you are a PR professional and have ongoing press releases to submit ,this plan is for you
  • Provide a RSS feed to import your press-releases directly to eTurbonews and/or Forimmediatererelease for immediate posting
  • Upload your release directly to eTurboNews and/or Forimmediaterelease for immediate posting
  • Find your release on all major search engines, Google/ Yahoo/ Bing news and eTN social media‚Äč