Why use commercial options?

Paid services are

One time posting rates:


One time posting rates

Rates per publication 
Maximum rate: $500

eTurboNews $150*  **
eTN.travel included

Travelwirenews: $100
Forimmediaterelease: $75**
Meetings.travel $100
Aviation.travel: $100
Gaytourism.travel: $100
Wines.travel: $100
Worldtourismwire: $250

Hawaiinews.online: $50

eturbonews.de: $100 *
business-travel.de: $75

* submitted to Google News

** click here for information on unlimited self – service upload options.

  • Limited editorial support
  • News-portal inclusion
  • Daily e-newsletter inclusion
  • Social media inclusion
  • Submitted to major search engines
  • Posting is subject to editorial evaluation

Ideal :

  • Guaranteed inclusion
  • Effective positioning
  • Good for PR professionals and SEO experts
  • Expected reach 



– All Basic Services included
– One time $150 charge regardless on how many  publication you selected.

  • SEO Support: Evaluate headlines for effectiveness
  • Evaluated trigger words for expected openings and search visibility
  • Evaluate keywords for positioning and Google News
  • Lead or more prominent newsletter positioning
  • Included on breaking news alerts and newsletters


  • Meant to attract high openings for important content.
  • No SEO experience necessary
  • Expected reach  



– All Basic and Enhanced Services included
– One time $500 charge regardless on how many publication you selected.

  • Full editorial support
  • Independent content writing
  • Interview and research, if desired
  • Enhanced SEO support including detailed keyword research
  • Enhanced social media engagement
  • Effective search engine submission in multiple formats
  • Impact writing to include effective headlines, search phrases and trigger words.
  • Top positioning in eTN newsletters and news-portals
  • Included in breaking news edition as a lead story 
  • Partner Network inclusion. Posted on a large number of news portals, news-publications around the world
  • Expect a long shelf life and a large audience
  • A full report will be provided.


  • This is the “Mercedes version” of a press release or story posting and the difference is noticable – guaranteed.
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Always included in paid options:

  • Guaranteed posted to news-portals
  • Eliminate a paywall
  • Advertorial content ok
  • Links and contact information ok
  • Submitted to major search engines
  • Submitted to Google News and other news partners
  • Included on e-newsletters and breaking news updates
  • Preferred positioning

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