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What are Impact Articles?

We will create a master calendar to tell your brand’s story in a series of strategically-planned impact articles.
Each month we will provide the number of contracted stories.

How do we get the content for your impact article?

You have your own professional PR Team: Simply provide the content and we will do the rest.
If you are posting a completed press release instead, click here for our traditional press release posting options.

You don’t have your own PR team: Simply allow eTN to research and write your content.

In addition to your contracted impact articles, you can upload unlimited press releases to be considered for publication on forimmediaterelease and receive a 50% discount to upload unlimited releases on eTurboNews.

How do we prepare your content to become an impact article?

We fact check your content.

We schedule interviews, if desired.

We analyze your headlines and add “trigger words” to receive more openings.

We add “keywords” to get you positioned in Search Engines, Google News, and other news providers.

We analyze your content and make sure word selection will get your content a long shelf life.

We generate numerous versions of your article or press release for various publications.

We analyze Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn content to get you top attention on social media.

We prepare the article to include all the relevant services explained here

Sample Impact Article 1  Sample Article 2 

How to include an audio or video interview on an impact article?

Video or audio interviews are possible. They will be included on the eTN Video edition.
A summary of the interview will be published as an article.
The video interview can include photos and videos you provide.

Video interviews will be included on the eTN YOUTUBE page.

Where do we post your impact article?

eTN operates globally.

We post your content on all appropriate eTN news portals within our network.

We include your content on all appropriate e-mail newsletters within our network.

We include your content as a lead on all breaking news alerts and e-newsletters.

We include your content on our RSS feeds and pop-up alerts.

We post your content to our social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

We submit your content to all major search engines in various versions.

We submit your content to Google News, Yahoo News, and Bing News, sometimes in various versions.

We pitch your content to partners and post on commercial feeds assuring posting your content on hundreds of news portals.

We include your content on the more prominent feature section in our wire services for journalists (, if desired.

Add German Language Services

You may provide content in German to be posted to our German language publications (if desired).

We can provide translation services for an additional $50 per article.

We submit to German language search engines.

We submit to German language Google News.

We can provide impact articles to be published and circulated on our German language network.

We will provide a “cultural”-adjusted story for every article.

You will receive the same services for our German language services, including crosslinks, banners, private emails, etc.


We generate a detailed report so you can see how your content was circulated.

Banner Campaign included

We will include 25,000 banner views  per article.

You can purchase more banner exposure as you go.

Click here for rates.

Crosslinks included

  • We include 1 crosslinks per article

    For example, if you are ABC Hotel, we could add a link in a non-paid editorial on hotel trends or on CDE hotels linking to you

  • You can purchase more crosslinks. Click here for rates

Your own news portal on eTurboNews

  • If you purchase at least 50 impact articles, your private news portal will be established.
  • If you purchased 100+ impact articles, we will establish your own eTN e-mail newsletter.


What is included?



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