What is powered by World Travel Nation is a global B2B network of travel/tourism industry professionals and travel industry partners that serves the full spectrum of the travel industry. Find and book anything you need; whether it’s a local DMC for the next event, a distribution channel for your hotel or your new full-time reservation manager.

We combined all resources of the travel industry, and we will grow beyond a simple directory into the most trusted resource for finding qualified and experienced tourism professionals, suppliers, and travel industry partners.

Why should I join?

A membership pays for itself. Create new business partnerships, save time and money, and benefit from industry discounts, global media coverage, and access to the global B2B world of industry, agents, and industry partners.

Professionals welcome is a melting pot of tourism industry professionals and tourism industry partners from around the world. Share expertise with other professionals, connect with new partners, promote your products, land your dream job, or find talented new employees for your business.

Companies welcome

Showcase your business’ latest offers, products and unique proposition to the tourism professionals who will help your company grow. Develop profitable business relationships with other professionals and partner companies and let highly qualified personnel find you.

Who can join us?

Tourism professionals, travel industry partners, and travel industry companies from all over the world are welcome to join

Tourism professionals in the following businesses:

– Accommodation
– Business Travel
– Transportation
– Tourism Organisations
– Travel Agencies & Companies
– Online Travel Industry
– Travel Associates
– Travel Communities

Professionals with travel industry customers in the following businesses:

– Activities, Entertainment, Incentives or Support
– Audiovisual and Technical Services
– Finance, Investment, Insurance or Legal
– Hospitality
– Marketing, Content, Media or PR
– Locations
– Professional Travel Education
– Technology Services
– Trade Show

What benefits do I have from the community?

Get listed. Get found. Get success.; a new communication platform and marketing channel for verified travel professionals – and more than the Yellow Pages or LinkedIn. It is already today’s global interactive B2B network for travel and tourism professionals and travel industry partners from more than 60 countries worldwide.

Individual and company profiles made especially for the travel industry; these are configured for all features of the industry. More than just a list of members and companies, but a personalized and versatile area that contributes to the branding of members.

An advanced Member and Company Search containing more than 100 categories are offered on To facilitate fast communication between the members an integrated instant messenger and email notifications are integrated.

We work and develop new features for our members such as newsfeed and media tools to enhance the interactive experience of the platform.

What benefits do I have from travel deals?

Discounted travel deals exclusive to all members of the travel industry

Holidays travel deals or special deals for travel industry employers, agent travel rates, travel solutions for travel and tourism professionals, interline rates or pep travel – that has many names in the travel industry. We just call them Travel Deals for travel professionals.

This target group involves employees of all service providers of the tourism industry, travel agencies, companies, tour operators, DMC’s, hotels, online travel companies and more as well as sectors such as event management, functions, mediation and organization of travel arrangements.

These special deals are exclusively for colleagues of companies with a touristic background and offer quality value for money tour packages, hotels, and more to support their personal education and development as well as enhancing their product knowledge.

All members are invited to post their offers and browse through the various offers to book their next trip. See for yourself the quality of our members’ products and the unique value-for-money presented on the platform. Members offer for other members a wide range of worldwide discounted deals for vacations at attractive prices in all categories of the travel industry:

– Hotels
– Flights
– Cruises
– Tours and tour packages
– Vacations rentals
– Transfers and car rentals

Our members also offer travel special deals for partners of the travel industry at special rates.

All members will benefit from the use of such travels. They will also get to know other members from the other side of the globe personally.

What benefits do I have from FAM trips?

The real-life experience.

FAM trips or Familiarization trips are very popular in the travel industry. Not only are they a great combination of learning and leisure for travel professionals, but they are also great ways to promote your own business.

FAM trips are offered in many places on the internet, and it is often difficult to find the right one. Our aim is to develop the global central platform for FAM trips. Each company member alone or in combination with other providers can post FAM trip and every member can apply.

What benefits do I have from the marketplace?

There are so many portals and special websites for the travel industry in different categories today. At our Marketplace, we bring together the most important ones in the industry; the ones you need every day for your own demands and work.

And the most important thing – you do not pay for every single ad; you can post without limits and extra costs. members offer each other a wide range of ads in all categories of the travel industry:

– Jobs
– B2B sales
– Marketplace ads
– Meetups
– Tourism events
– Webinars
– Education
– Exchange programs

How do I register?

Becoming a member of the family is quite easy. Take a look at our tutorial to see, how it works.

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What does a membership cost?

We do not charge for your membership. You may join as an individual or company.

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