The future of Travel Trade


Written by Marcus Schäfer

CNO at powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Sep 13, 2019

Maybe you have been thinking lately about how to sell your tours and products the best way? Or you have been searching for new distribution channels to increase your sales? We would like to tell you more about the future of Travel Trade.

Times have changed

In former times you have been used to meet new business contacts and collaboration partners at trade fairs, by travelling around or maybe just because you have been introduced by your existing contacts. Today it shows up that for example in the US and Germany nearly half of all buyers are under 35! And as you know, those decision-makers are more or less digital natives. They are used to do business online not only in their private lifes but as businesspeople as well.

What does that mean for Travel Trade?

In times, where you can buy nearly everything online, from clothes to the newest IT, it is strange to think this trend would not affect the travel industry. This means the whole industry has to focus at new ways of distribution. You can have the best products to sell in your shop – if the buyer only searches for them online you will not make any money. Sounds harsh but is the truth.

Of course, this thought is not a wheel re-invented. Every travel professional knows how to sell tours and packages to their clients online; whether by publishing them on their website or by distribution platforms. But how can you increase your B2B Travel Trade sales? – your 24/7 trade fair

We know that attending a trade fair can be very expensive. This, of course, is a disadvantage especially for smaller businesses, such as tour guides, small transportation companies and similar as they need to pay for

• Flights
• Hotel
• Stand
• Food
• Fees
• and much more offers the same chances to everyone and helps saving money!

The Marketplace gives you the opportunity to publish your B2B Travel Trade offers to travel professionals from all over the world and to present your services with all information the buyer expects.

You will no longer have to spend time and money flying around the world to find your new cooperation partners. is your 24/7 trade fair. And that is not all! We keep our members informed about new offers in our Social Media channels. So your reselling offer will be seen all over the globe.

Note: There is no limitation on how often you can post, and you do not have to pay any commission. All business is made only between our members.

What are you waiting for? Start posting today!