Sustainable Travel, Ecosmus DMC and Mauritius


Written by Jennifer Perrine

Hello, I am Jennifer, Founder of Ecosmus. I have been a passionate of Tourism and Travel since my teenage years, which I spent at the Loreto Convent Quatre-Bornes for my secondary education. I made my passion, my life and my career.

Published: Oct 4, 2019

If you know about Mauritius already by word of mouth, through internet or you have already experienced the destination, you will know that it is a small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean in the southern tropical latitudes located between Australia and Madagascar. It is well known to be as we say an ‘Indian Ocean island nation’.  Because of its geographical closeness to the African Continent (2000 kilometres off the East Coast of Africa), it is known to be forming part of Africa. However, it is an independent state under a Republic status.

What to find in Mauritius

As a small tropical island Mauritius boasts beautiful beaches, a lagoon surrounding the whole island, natural inland green features, a mixed bilingual and multi religious population from a rich history of Dutch, French and British Colony with slavery in its background and cultural richness emerging from this unique blend of people due to their diverse origins from India, Africa, Europe and China mainly.

That’s where the word Sustainability takes the utmost importance and concern as the island has developed at a rapid pace the last few 20 years through its tourism industry.  Mauritius is promoted internationally as a high-end luxury destination and the number of arrivals has reached around 1.4 million in 2018-2019 for a population of 1.27 million.  The island itself is not as big, only 2,040 square kilometres. As you may guess, the main concern and challenge for all stakeholders including the government, the tourism operators to find the right balance between development of the economy without compromising the sustainability aspect of the island whilst preserving at most its natural resources, the authenticity of the culture, respect of the locals.  Mauritius tourism industry is indeed one of the main pillars of the economy and the Mauritian government emphasize a lot more now on the greening of operations and focus to bring an integrated tourism development to the island without compromising the fragile economic context or risking an economic suicide with just any strategic decision.

Ecosmus DMC

Ecosmus DMC which is not only a classical and conventional DMC has already understood this context long time ago and the main motivation behind its concept of Luxury Sustainable Tourism which blends the High-End Luxury and the Sustainability aspect.  This is a natural mindset that forms part of the philosophy, vision of the company and closely at heart to its founder Jennifer.  The Motto is indeed to preserve and promote Mauritius as a precious and unique jewel destination in the world no matter if there are other similar destinations in Caribbean, or any other parts of the world. She remains convinced and stubborn that Mauritius is indeed unique and very much decided to promote each aspect of the paradise island, protecting it at same time as bringing her small share in giving back to society.  The company is betting on quality rather than quantity and mostly Experience through the richness and exclusivity of the stay rather than just Holidays under the Tropics.