Online Reputation Management


Written by Miki Taylor

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Published: Jun 28, 2019

Gone are the days when businesses just have to focus on their status with the BBB. With the creation of social media and life revolving around the internet, our reputations have become more prominent and we now find ourselves with the need to manage these reputations, but what does managing our reputation really entail?

For starters, lets define reputation management or ORM (online reputation management). It is the practice of attempting to shape public opinion of a person or organization by influencing readily available online information. It includes the process of identifying what is being displayed online about you or your business. Think of it merely as what the Internet says about you or your company.

Here are some examples of questions you should be able to answer about your OR (online reputation).

  • How does your OR online measure up?
  • Do you have a reputation management strategy?
  • How do you respond to customer complaints online?
  • Who handles review management at your agency?
  • How do you request customer reviews?
  • Are you using the reviews as marketing tools?

It can be daunting to add yet another area that needs our attention while we are trying to grow our agencies which most consist of a team of 1!!!. So how do you do it all? Hire an ORM employee? Hire a management company to take care of this? Neither of those options sound like they will make sense for many of you; so how do you manage this extremely important part of your business? With software technology of course!!!

This area is no different than a social media management tool in the regard that there are numerous options to choose from. Options range from free to enterprise versions costing 500+ per month for multi locations. Like most everything else, something for free is free for a reason but if you are just getting started might be the way you need to go, but remember, you are going to get what you pay for.

I tend to never try a free version of anything because I end up wanting to kick all 4 tires and the free versions rarely include all the bells and whistles so I sign up for the monthly options and never pay upfront until I know I want to stick with that particular software.

I have tried a few ORM tools, originally using I thought it was great for a while. I could set up a campaign, insert the link for the request into a letter that I would send out when my clients return. When they left reviews, they could choose to share a picture from their trip or I could add one before I approved/posted their submission. The problem was, there was no follow up if they never gave a review. All of that had to be done manually making it not super-efficient and it never gathered all of my reviews from multiple other locations. It is very basic. I saw the need for a more robust option and started researching further.

What did I find?

Wow a huge selection of grown up ORM tools. These made seem like a baby. I set out to maximize the value of what I was receiving for the money spent. The options are vast just like everything else but what they offer can differ greatly. Some of these tools have SEO (search engine optimization) built in, provide landing pages collectively displaying your reviews in one place, manage your online listings (did you know there are over 50 places that your agency information can reside without you ever even knowing about it?)

Some of the most popular options are Yext, BirdEye, ReviewTrackers,, ImageRaider, Yotpo,, Podium, Broadly, Trust Pilot, Rocket Referrals, Customer Lobby, and Future Solutions just to name a few. How many of these have you tried? I tried a few and chose BirdEye as my new company going forward.

Who is BirdEye and what do they do? They help businesses make their customers happy, so their customers do their marketing for them. It’s that simple.

Over 40,000+ businesses across all industries trust BirdEye to give them visibility and control over their customer feedback from all channels, and use this feedback to better understand their customers, improve their operations, and influence purchase decisions.

Have you seen what people are writing about you online?

Whether that question brings a smile to your face or a tightening to your chest, your online reputation matters. And that starts with online reviews. Your online reputation, client reviews, and your entire digital marketing strategy all impact how your prospective customers: 1.) find your business, 2.) consider your business and 3.) continue booking trips with you year after year. The good news? You can get a stellar reputation to help grow your business in just a few steps.

BirdEye can help Travel Advisors, Organizations & Travel Suppliers Alike:

  • Generate, monitor and manage online reviews
  • Get found online by clients looking for your services
  • Convert website visitors into clients
  • Quickly communicate and address client inquiries

I like them so much I negotiated a huge discount for the travel industry. Take advantage of our Travel Industry discount by clicking here.