Happy Independence Day, Grenada!


Written by Jan Larsen

CEO at BUZZ.travel powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Feb 17, 2020

BUZZ.travel sends the people of Grenada our best wishes for a happy Independence Day!

February 7th, 1974 Grenada was declared an independent republic. But staying in the Commonwealth.

Congratulations to our friends and members on and from Grenada, especially Kimron Corion, Communications Manager of the Grenada Tourism Authority.

Today, just a bit of background information on these wonderful islands.

A Bit of Background Information


Grenada has about 112,000 inhabitants; and consists of the island Grenada plus six minor islands.

The currency is East Caribbean Dollar (the currency of 6 states and two British Oversee Territories in the Lower Antilles) which is pegged to the USD. Your drive on the left side of the road – as on many Caribbean islands. The GDP PPP (income/head corrected for price differences was in 2018 15,600 USD; which puts Grenada on place 82 in the world ranking.

The climate is tropical; Grenada is located on the outskirts of the hurricane area and has suffered few.

Grenada nickname is the Island of Spices; nutmeg and mace are grown here.

It is believed that the name originates from the Spanish city of Granada.


Grenada was inhabited by the warlike Caribs when the Spaniards arrived.

When the sugar boom started Grenada became French; after the War of Seven Years, Britain took possession. Grenada remained British will 1967 when internal autonomy was achieved; and full independence 1974.


2018 Grenada had 528,000 visitors; up 6% from 2017. More than 50% are from the US.

Grenada; you can count on one new visitor 2021 – me!