How webinars can help you promote your travel business


Written by Katja Larsen

COO at powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Jul 24, 2019

Are you someone who is looking forward to get some decent exposure for your travel company?

Or you want to popularize your brand in relevant social circles?

If you answered yes, then you are at the right place.

Why publishing a webinar?

The following are a few ways through which webinars can help your business grow.

Helps in building list

When you host a free webinar you are going to meet new people, many of those who are interested in learning what you have to offer, since you are not charging anything from them. Let me tell you the webinar is going to land a decent fresh list of people now, how you convince them to join your course is entirely up to you, but with free webinar your first milestone is achieved.

For any business database is the most valuable asset, the larger the database of people who trust your knowledge and your product/brand, the larger the chances for you to succeed.

Brand Awareness

Long gone are the days when brands used to be popularize through word of mouth. With the advancement of technology and social media, creating brand awareness is a much easier task now.

Now you don’t necessary have to host these webinars yourself. You may just be a speaker, talk about the problems faced by a common man, and how your product can help him, or maybe, how it’s everyone’s dream to get a job in travel industry and how your advanced training program can train a person and help him/her develop skills that will make him/her eligible for the job. Focus on connecting with people through these webinars; show them you feel their pain and how your services can facilitate them.

New Audience

Every time you do a webinar you increase your reach to new audiences. New audience means new possibilities, new ventures. In other words your brand grows with new audience and bringing fresh ideas to that audience who need your guidance the most.

Webinar is first step towards The Big Game

No business becomes an overnight success. It takes years of experiments, preparation to get ready for big business ventures. Webinars set you up for the big game ahead. It gives you the necessary confidence to come face to face with the audience, and help you prepare for the bigger games such as interview on CNN or someone interviewing your success story. Nevertheless, webinars gives you a small doze of experiment and prepare you for far bigger games.

Save Time and money

Who doesn’t like the idea of saving time as well as some money? Hosting these webinars from the comfort of your homes/offices is extremely easy. They save you travelling cost as well as the cost of arranging an event especially. Even attending a webinar (as they are online) is easier to attend and attract audience.

Can Make people excited about travelling

Your words can create magic. It’s through your words that you can entice a common man and get him/her interested in your travel packages through webinars.

Good news

The good news is finally, has created a digital place for the best webinars, especially for the travel industry. Either, you want to offer a course or you are someone interested in getting enrolled, there’s something for everyone on All you have to do is get registered to be a part of