Happy St. Patrick´s Day


Written by Jan Larsen

CEO at BUZZ.travel powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Mar 17, 2020

Normally St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated big; not only in Ireland. Also, in the States, where a large part of the population has Irish roots (33 million; about 10% of the total population).

This year most celebrations have for good reasons been cancelled; no big parades in NYC etc.

St. Patrick was a Welch priest who brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century. March 17th is believed to be the date he died; although no one really knows.

Ireland today is a rich society, one of the wealthiest in Europe. It wasn’t always like that. Just 100 years ago things looked differently. The country experienced starvations when the potato harvest went wrong, the population was exploited by British aristocrats how owned the land. Many immigrated – see above. The last 20 years Ireland changed that. It was hit very bad in the financial crisis 2008; but now Ireland is again back among the richest countries. Ireland has shown it; one can get back on the feet after a tough time.

In these “National Day Articles” we normally write a few lines on the tourism in the relevant country. Today, we will skip that. Few will travel the next weeks. Many of us will work from home; do the best to manage the financial challenges of today and prepare for the “ante corona time” – which of course will come. If you have time left and are interested in getting an impression of old Ireland; I recommend Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. An autobiography.

Instead of public celebrations I will pour myself a good gin at home and toast to Ireland. And I will also toast to our members and wish us all a steady hand during the next weeks.