Happy National Day, Georgia!

National Day Georgia

Written by Jan Larsen

CEO at BUZZ.travel powered by World Travel Nation

Published: May 25, 2020

On May 26th Georgia – not the Southern US state but the Caucasus country – celebrates its national day.

Congratulations to a very interesting and upcoming tourism destination!

National Day

Georgia came under the rule of the Russian Czar in 1801 – see below. In 1917 the Bolshevik Revolution broke loose; and Georgia declared its independence on May 26th ,1918.

In February 1921 the Red Army invaded Georgia, and Georgia became a part the Soviet Union until April 1991.

Georgia, like the other Caucasus countries, always had a strong drive for independence and liberty. When the Soviet Order broke apart in 1990 / 91, demonstrations for independence filled the streets of Tiflis; after clashes with Soviet military democratic elections took place and shortly after a referendum on Independence was held. Almost 99 pct. of the votes were cast for independence.

On April 9th ,1991 Georgia for the second time in the 20th century declared its independence.

The Road to Freedom and Prosperity

A declaration of independence does not create a free and prosperous nation – the starting point perhaps.

Up until about 2012, Georgia was fighting corruption and an economy falling apart; two regions wanted to become independent, a couple of clashes with the Russian army followed. In 2012 Georgia’s answer to Elon Musk, president Saakashvili (energetic, intelligent, charismatic, and highly unorthodox) stepped down. That is generally seen as the end of the transformation period. Saakashvili was by the way later seen in Ukraine as Provincial Governor.

Georgia has made big progress; in 2012 the World Bank called Georgia “a unique success” in fighting corruption. It now ranks better than some of the latest EU – members – which again is not that difficult!

A Few Facts

The country has 3.8 million inhabitants; the population density is 54 persons / km2 (nothing is good or bad but by comparison; so here we go: US: 34; Germany: 233; UK: 280). Georgia is the Southern-most of the Caucasus countries.

The oldest evidence of human species outside Africa has been found in Georgia – 1.8 million years old.

The old Georgian Kingdom of Iberia made Christianity the official religion in 327 AC; probably the first Kingdom in the World to make Christianity the official religion; 3 years after Emperor Constantine declared the Christian faith the official religion of the Roman Empire.

Georgia is located at the crossroad between Western Asia and Southeastern Europe; this shaped the history of the country. The history is characterized by fighting off Persian invasions, later Turkish ones, in 1220 the Mongols came to visit, in 1453 Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks, and soon Georgia was a small Christian enclave encircled by Muslim forces.

The ongoing fighting tired and drained the country. It was a logical step to join Russia in 1801; the same Faith, same organization of society (aristocracy and very poor serfdom).

Another fact; readers interested in modern history will know that the two worst mass murderers in Soviet history, Stalin and Beria, were born to poor Georgian peasants in the later part of the 19th century. We can hardly blame Georgia for that!


Georgia could be a destination to prosper after corona – no mass tourism. Beautiful mountain nature, ecological, a fantastic old city in Tiflis, very good red wine, and your cash goes a long way in Georgia!

Tiflis is well known for its techno clubs – in case anyone is interested in that – crossroad again!

A good destination to promote. BUZZ.travel has about a dozen members from Georgia who will be happy to help you here.

Put me on the list for a bike ride in the mountains next year!