Happy National Day, Estonia


Written by Jan Larsen

CEO at BUZZ.travel powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Feb 24, 2020

On February 24th Estonia celebrates its National Day. 


Estonia is the most Eastern one of the three Baltic States. About 1.3 million inhabitants. 

Estonia is technology-wise very advanced. Skype was invented here (2003 a start up in Estonia) – Transferwise is also from Estonia, the public administration is one of the most advanced in the World, the country has a very fast internet and more technology start-ups / inhabitants than Silicon Valley. 

The language is difficult to understand – a bit similar to Finish – but no worry; most young Estonians speak a perfect English. 


About 50% of the country is covered by forests; you will find old castles and churches – a lot to see and experience. Our friends from Estonia, see below, will be happy to give you detailed information. 

In 2019 3.8 million foreign visitors stays in Estonia. 2010 the number was 2.4 million.  

Most visitors are from the neighbor countries (Finland 36%; Russia 12%; Latvia 8%). 70% came for holidays; the rest on business. Besides foreign visitors 3.2 million stays were sold to locals. 

National Day 

The newer history (since WWI) of the three Baltic States are to a large extent the same; small states “caught between a rock (Germany) and a hard place (Russia / Soviet)”. 

On February 24th Estonians celebrate the Declaration of the Estonian Republic in 1919 after WWI.  

A few days ago; we descripted Lithuania’s history since WWI – Russian / German peace 1918, German defeat 1918, Independence, Soviet occupation 1940, German arrival 1941, arrival of the Red Army 1944; basically, same story here.  

In 1990 the Estonians again, after the break down of the Soviet Union, gained their independence. And since then they have been cracking good at what they are doing!