Happy National Day, Bosnia and Herzegovina!


Written by Jan Larsen

CEO at BUZZ.travel powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Mar 1, 2020

On March, 1th Bosnia celebrates its National Day. On February 29th,1992 a large majority of the voters in Bosnia and Herzegovina voted to leave Yugoslavia.


Bosnia, located in the Balkans, has 3.5 million inhabitants. The country has three ethnic groups; Bosnians (50% – Muslims), Serbs (31% – Orthodox) and Croats (15% – Catholic). That makes Bosnia an interesting country; if you walk around Sarajevo, you will see all three cultures mixed.

The downside of the mix was that when Tito’s strong hand didn’t hold Yugoslavia together anymore; the “thing exploded”. After the above-mentioned election a terrible civil war – very cruel, like most civil wars – which also involved other parts of Ex-Yugoslavia, broke lose. NATO intervened; but it took more than 2.5 years of war and 100,000 killed before the war stopped.


B & H is experiencing very high growth rates in the tourism business.

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B & H has been marketing the destination in the Arabic world quite well.

B & H is a mountainous country and has very good skiing resorts; the Winter Olympics 1984 were held here. I.e. the country appeals to both summer and winter visitors.

Sarajevo, the capital, about 400,000 inhabitants, has several times been praised by Lonely Planet. It is culturally a very interesting and diverse city. I visited the city about a year after the end of the war. Even if the traces of the war were very visible – ruins, bullet holes in many walls; and the guys we had planned to do business with were totally corrupt – the potential of the city was clearly seen. Time to jump on the bike and come back for another visit this summer!

The country has very civil prices, nice beaches and UNESCO cultural heritages as well. B & H is an upcoming destination.

During Toto’s rule Bosnia was part of Yugoslavia.