B2B Networking in the Travel Industry today


Written by Katja Larsen

COO at BUZZ.travel powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Jun 7, 2019

B2B networking is very important in growing most businesses today. The use of social networking channels has grown tremendously and will grow further. According to a survey from 2017 it is estimated that 2.46 bln. users engaged in social media on the net; this number is believed to reach 3.02 bln. in 2021 – quite a bit of growth!

Often it is believed that networking is only for “job hunters” – baloney. Networking is essential for the growth and development of most businesses. B2B networking has, particularly in the travel industry, a huge and increasing importance.

You probably know how B2B networking works in the travel industry today. Old fashioned instruments like Google research, endless phone calls – and you most likely need to call more than once as the person you want to reach “is in a meeting… is at home today… is on the phone… will be busy for the next hours – or just don’t want to talk to you” bla bla bla.

This can be done in another way!

Here is why B2B networking in general and BUZZ.travel – in particular – can help you to develop your travel business.

Learn from experts

There are an awful lot of smart people out there; people who are happy to share some of their expertise and help you get on track (of course there are also a lot of “hot air” on the net!). If you find and connect to the right persons your business will have a huge advantage. Learn from the experts.

BUZZ.travel is a social B2B network with many great experts from all over the globe, and with expertise in various segments in the travel and hospitality industry.

Get leads for your business

B2B networking with BUZZ.travel gives you the opportunity to connect to travel professionals all over the place. You get new ideas, new destinations – or you find new markets.

One post can open doors; and connect you to people and business partners you hadn’t dreamt of meeting before.

Stay on top of new developments

The internet in general is a powerful information resource. However, if you connect to a good, vivid and knowledgeable B2B network you can get access to the information, to the stuff which take you to the new level; or keep you up front “on the race track”; and you avoid all the useless “noise” – see the last section in point 🙂

Build trust for your company / brand

This point works on two levels:

  1. Trustworthiness:

If you are B2B networking in a closed community with verified members (like BUZZ.travel) you can trust most participants – and they will trust you. Of course, there is no guarantee against a single rotten egg in the basket. But the likelihood is small (er).

  1. Sales point:

Potential buyers need to see your brand, logo etc. several times before they consider a purchase. Very few buy the first time they see something new. You need to present yourself and your business several times / continuously. This you can do with intelligent B2B networking – and if it is done to the right audience – even better! No, I don’t mention point 1 again!

Create awareness for your products!

Low Costs

Everything in life has its price – but the costs of B2B networking are pretty low. There might be initial starting costs (costs to develop a presentation etc.) but the running costs are close to zero.

The B2B network BUZZ.travel is financed by reasonable (we think!) membership fees.

Ready? Get Going and benefit from B2B networking!

Convinced? So; get going Start using B2B networking now and get the maximum advantage out of it.

If you belong to the travel industry or are related to it; the BUZZ.travel platform is going to be the best choice to grow your travel business. Be bold; don’t hesitate to reach out to your fellow professionals to grow your own business now!