5 hints to be successful with BUZZtravel


Written by Marcus Schäfer

CNO at BUZZ.travel powered by World Travel Nation

Published: Feb 11, 2020

Our aim is to help you boost your business. Therefore, we have prepared this article to give you as many ideas as possible on how to gain value from BUZZtravel. 

1. Set up your profile

There are two reasons, why you should set up your profile.

First of all: like yourself, our members want to know more about the members they connect with. Where does that person come from? What does he do? What language does he speak? All this information help to figure out if the other member can bring benefit to the own business and will more likely lead to a better connection.

The second reason is a more technical one. The BUZZtravel searching feature scrawls profile information to show the person, that our members are searching for. If the profile is not filled in correctly or is even empty – you will not be shown and will miss opportunities to do business.

You see, there is a need for yourself to set your profile up and keep it up to date!

2. Share your postings in our BUZZtravel-Newsfeed

For sure, you prepare your postings for your other Social Media channels intensively. Do not hesitate to share those posts in our Newsfeed as well. In LinkedIn and Facebook, members have the posts of their contacts displayed in their newsfeed only. With BUZZtravel, you will reach all travel professionals – so you have a wider reach within the community.

3. Connect to the community

Do not wait till our members send you connection requests. To grow your network quickly, it is highly recommended to become active yourself. Use our BUZZtravel search to find interesting contacts in no time! You have a huge number of filters to find the person or company you are searching for.

4. Post your offers

BUZZtravel offers you several opportunities to present your offers:

FAM Trips

All our company members can post their FAM Trips easily and specify, what target group they would like to invite.

As an individual, you have the opportunity to apply for a specific FAM Trip. Please check, if the offer is limited to a specific group of travel professionals.

Travel Deals

Our company members can post their discounted rates for travel professionals in this category. We verify each trip to make sure, it is a reduced rate. All bookings and payments take part outside BUZZtravel.

All our members can book the specific Travel Deals and save money on their own vacation. Why not explore the world at a discounted rate?


Our BUZZ.travel Marketplace offers so many opportunities for everyone. Searching for a job? Having webinars to publish? Here you are in the right place with our categories. Find out more here.

All your postings will be displayed in both, the specific category and our newsfeed. That means visibility 2, costs 0.

5. Hold your webinars or presentations

Present your knowledge and services in our BUZZ.travel Live Events. You can hold a webinar or company presentation live online. Contact us to know more.

We hope, we could give you some ideas to become successful with BUZZtravel. If you have any questions – just let us know.