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Flexible targeted banners campaigns
Target global or by continent, country, region or cities
News portals:
  • (Global Travel Industry)
  • (Global Edition, trade, consumers, media)
  • (tourism news sources)
  • (European Edition)
  •  (German language)
  • (German language)
  • (wire service for journalists)
  • travel agents)
  • (LGBT travelers)
  • (Hawaii news)


  • eTN Weekly
  • eTN Daily
  • eTN Rush (Breaking News)
  • TravelWireNews
  • Meetings
  • Aviation
  • Forimmediaterelease
  • Travelindustrydeals
  • Gaytourism
  • Worldtourismwire
  • Investments (starting 2018)
  • eTN in German
  • Business-Travel
  • HawaiiNews

Banners in articles:

  • Your banner included in news articles throughout our network.
  • You may select a static banner (no charge for openings or clicks)  in a  specific article only for $175.00

Other websites:

  • (association)

Target your banner to show

  • global
  • by continent
  • by country
  • by region
  • by major cities
  • by device
  • fine tune by the time of the day.

Banner sizes (pixels)

  • 728×90
  • 468×60
  • 300×250
  • 336×280
  • 300×600
  • 250×250′
  • 150×150

Plan information

  • We only charge by the number of banners shown to readers and by the number of clicks received.
  • You can show different banners in different target markets.
  • You decide the limit you want to budget for your campaign.
  • We will provide a detailed report
  • We can establish a database of known readers clicking on your link for targeted follow-up and outreach.

Set up fee

One time $25.00 set up fee per banner design (Charged anytime you change banners)
Provide your own banner, or let us design your banner. Design cost  $75.00


Your choice to select a one-time campaign or guarantee rates with a renewable monthly, quarterly or yearly campaign renewal.


Global  Exposure to our targeted audience:
CPM $5.00   (per 1000 exposure)
CTR $ 0.50    (per click)

Regional Exposure  by continent to our targeted audience:
CPM $7.50   (per 1000 exposure)
CTR $ 0.75    (per click)

Regional Exposure by Country, State or City to our targeted audience:
by Country, Region or City

CPM $10.00   (per1000 exposure)
CTR   $1.00    (per click)

Minimum monthly campaign rate $50.00, maximum $10,000.00*