Rates & Summary Information

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eTurboNews & eTN

Your articles prominently included on eTN news portals and newsletters.

Altogether you could reach up to 230,000 travel industry professionals via eTN newsletters.

Google News inclusion: eTurboNews

Your article will be searchable on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Your article has the potential to reach millions depending on positioning and content.


Posting Options and Rates

  • freefor legitimate breaking news and non-advertorial news tips (non-advertorial, coverage not guaranteed; links, names deleted)
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  • Commercial rates:
    One time release: $200.00
    Up to 10 releases monthly: $800.00
    Up to 100 releases quarterly: $4,000.00
    Up to 500 releases yearly: $12,000.00
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TravelWireNews publishes an average of 200 article postings a day from news-sources around the globe. Articles are searchable on major search engines, but not on news sections: Google, Yahoo or Bing News.

  • Included on the travelwirenews.com news-portal
  • TravelWireNews publishes an email newsletter every 3 hours reaching 70,000 selected travel industry professionals and non-trade readers with interested in travel and tourism related content. Click to see a sample newsletter. 
  • In addition, thousands of readers subscribe to alerts popping up on their computer screens when articles are published.

Social Media



  • One time posting $100.00
  • Up to 10 postings every month $400.00
  • Up to 100 postings quarterly $ 2,000.00
  • Up to 500 postings yearly: $6000.00
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  • Unlimited posting if you submit your RSS feed to be imported:
    Monthly $200.00
    Quarterly $1000.00
    Yearly: $3000.00



worldtourismwire.com  reports about updates and comments on activities by the  United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) and other global association close to Travel & Tourism.

Readers are top travel and tourism professionals including ministers of tourism.


WORLDTOURISM NOW and WORLDTOURISMWIRE  is operated by eTN Corporation and a team of independent journalists and tourism professionals.

WORLDTOURISMWIRE is not affiliated with UNWTO or WTTC or any other tourism organization or association.

Commercial feature stories are available (subject to editorial evaluation)
Our one-time rate is $1,000.00 including editorial support.





For Immediate Release is a news-portal for journalists interested in travel, tourism and related news.

  • Included on the net web-portal
  • ForImmediaterelease: Daily updatefor journalists interested in travel & tourism news: 17,000 subscribers
  • Most posted press-releases are searchable  and on major search engines including Google.
  • Most postings can also be found on  GOOGLE NEWS.


  • One posting: $100.00
  • Up to 10 postings monthly: $400.00
  • Up to 100 postings quarterly: $2,000.00
  • Up to 500 postings yearly: $6,000.00
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meetings.travel is our  news portal with information and articles relevant to the Meeting and Incentive Industry world, known as MICE. We report about events, hotel venues, convention centers, suppliers and other companies or individuals involved in this important part of the travel & tourism industry.

Our readers are both buyers and sellers – and those interested in MICE news.

  • Included on the meetings.travel news-portal
  • travel publishes an email newsletter emailed at least once a week to our growing database of readers.


  • One time posting $200.00
  • Up to 10 postings every month $1500.00
  • Up to 100 postings quarterly $ 10,000.00
  • Up to 500 postings yearly: $37,500.00




Aviation.travel is our newest news portal with information and articles relevant to airlines, airports and the people, companies and organizations behind it. Interesting read for anyone interested in the growing and important aviation industry.

  • Included on the aviation.travelnews-portal
  • travel publishes an email newsletter emailed at least once a week to our growing database of readers.


  • One time posting $100.00
  • Up to 10 postings every month $800.00
  • Up to 100 postings quarterly $ 4,000.00
  • Up to 500 postings yearly: $12,000.00
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The beauty of Hawaii Tourism. A special blog, outlining travel and tourism opportunities and feature articles about the Aloha State.


Included on our widely popular and searchable www.hawaiitourismassociaiton.com web-portal.

FACEBOOK: hawaiitourismassociation

TWITTER: HawaiiTalk

Included on Hawaii Tourism Association email update.
Articles have a long “shelf- life”

Rates $250.00 per article.


To research, write, disseminate and publish information on the wine industry

They include (but not limited to):


  1. Wineries
  2. Wine-makers
  3. Destinations that focus on wine tourism
  4. Wine business/economics
  5. Wine safety/security
  6. Wines and culture (artists/sculptors/designers) inspired by wine
  7. Sommeliers, MSW and other wine experts
  8. Wine tastings
  9. Wine events
  10. Wine classes
  11. Wine consumers (including demographics/psychographics)
  12. Restaurants
  13. Hotels, Resorts
  14. Lifestyle
  15. People


  • Press release posting on wines.travel $100
  • Feature Story (professionally written by your PR team: $250.00
  • Feature Story (Written by the Wines.travel editor): $500.00
  • Interviews, feature articles fit for trigger keywords and openings available from $1250.00
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A complete news portal, and a newsletter for the LGBT traveler, and the part of the Travel Industry interested in this very potential audience.

  • Included on our popular GAYTOURISMweb-portal www.gaytourism.travel
  • GAYTOURISM publishes about 10 articles every day relevant to a global audience of LGBT travelers and industry professional.
  • Our twice weekly Gaytourism: News updates goes to 6,800 subscribers
  • Social media engagement is conducted by a human
  • Facebook (6,000 followers): gaytourismusa
  • Twitter: (10,000 followers)  GAYTOURISM
  • SEARCH: Google, Yahoo, Bing



  • All your press releases included on gaytourism.travel and our social media platforms $175.00 / month
  • FEATURE: One feature story inclusion every month $ 300.00/ month
  • PARTNERS: We like all of your stories included on partner networks, including TravelWireNews, eTurboNews, gourmet, lifestyle, LGBT $500.00/ month
  • THE BEST IN GAYTOURISM inclusion: We like to be included in the top 20 venues, deals on gaytourism.travel $300.00/ month
  • BUZZ: Manual interaction on @gaytourism twitter and facebook about you for on a daily basis: $1500.00/ month
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Online publication to include your sales messages targeting the selling trade (travel agents, tour operators)

  • Included on our sales news portal:
  • com68,000+ travel agents globally reading the TravelindustryDealsnewsletter twice a week.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Google+


SALES MESSAGE or press- release posting:

  • One posting: $50.00
  • Up to 10 postings monthly: $200.00
  • Up to 100 posting quarterly: $1000.00
  • Up to 500 postings yearly: $3000.00
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eTN German Language Edition

eTurboNews German language edition covers news relevant to a German, Swiss and Austrian Travel Industry audience.


Social Media

  • TWITTER: eTurboNews
  • Search: Google and other mayor search engines
  • Google News



  • One time posting $125.00
  • Up to 10 postings every month $500.00
  • Unlimited postings quarterly $ 2,500.00
  • Add Business-Travel.de$ 100.00 per release (email us)
  • Translation English-German per 200 words: $50.00
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eTN Partner network

Include your article/ press release on the eTN Partner Network
… reach hundreds of news blogs, portals, and networks.

  • Your article on hundreds of major news web portals, and publications around the world.
  • Adjustment for relevant trigger and keyword to maximize coverage.
  • Double search engine exposure: Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Additional listing on Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News
  • Detailed success and coverage report
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  • One time release or story : $150.00
    Up to 10 releases monthly: $1,000.00
    Up to 100 releases quarterly: $7,000.00
    Up to 500 releases yearly: $25,000.00
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What is Buzz.travel?

Buzz.travel is part of the eTN group and created for travel brands with a story to tell and journalists/bloggers looking for compelling story ideas.

Buzz.travel believes traditional media releases distributed through costly wire services are usually a waste of time and money.

Sure, if you are responsible for a brand’s message, you read your release.

How many journalists and bloggers wade through dull, corporate messaging and then provide you with coverage?  Next to none, if our own recent test of a major wire distribution service is any indicator.

Buzz.travel already guarantees to have your story prominently included on all relevant eTN publications including hundreds of partners and affiliates.

Let us do the “buzzing” on social media, one by one outreach and much more.
Let us make sure your story or release is interesting, news-worthy and has the best trigger words included for a very long shelf life.

Click here to read our recent evaluation on PR Newswire services.

Why Buzz?

We invite you to test drive our platform and services for your brand.
Changing how we engage is long overdue, no longer do antiquated PR methods work in the digital age we work in.  If you would like to influence, change a perception, reposition a product or simply release some good news, we can help you create awareness with targeted, intelligent engagement.

What can Buzz do for a travel brand, service or app?

We make it easy to share your news, change a perception or simply engage in intelligent influence marketing, but not with a traditional media release. Simply give us your news and we will distill it down to well written, original informational content for review by accredited media outlets and bloggers looking for solid story ideas.

How do I get started?

Again, it’s simple. Scroll down and send us your news, in traditional media release format or bullet points, and we’ll transform it into an original story pitch.

What will we also do?

  • We may include banners, prominent quotes, lead coverage when posting your story to our  extensive eTN network .
  • Depending on your message we may include repeat stand alone enforcement campaigns.
  • We analyze who opened your article and may repeat a second pitch for those that didn’t see your original content.
    • Expect a detailed report delivered within one week after coverage.

How much does Buzz cost?

The simple premise of a platform for brands and media also has very simple pricing.

$1225.00 flat rate per story pitch for original informational content created about your brand, your subject or executives by our experts. Content posted to a wide range of relevant publications and partners including prominent lead coverage on our eTN network, publications, news-portals, and blogs.

Prominent lead or stand alone, and sometimes repeat postings on our various newsletters, wire services, and social media networks.

Need more?

  • A dedicated member of our team will personally engage in a social media conversation about your message.
  • We will include 50,000 banner impressions on our websites and newsletters linking to your article.

The combined rate for BUZZ PRIME $ 1475.00