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Request for free editorial coverage

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  • Editorial consideration is given for all eTN Publications
  • Release with promotional intend will usually not be considered
  • Breaking Eyewitness News
  • Public Sector news & interviews
  • Sources, links and promotional wording is usually deleted out of accepted newsworthy content.
  • Public Interest and non-profit news
  • eTN can protect sources if requested
  • Releases may trigger an independent eTN investigation to be used in upcoming articles
  • A paywall may be added depending on editorial decision

Urgent breaking news

  • Alert us of breaking news.
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Story pitch

  • You have no promotional intent and are pitching a story or press-release: Continue with this form.
  • Commercial coverage, impact stories click here to continue.

Interview request

  • Pitch for a video, phone or SKYPE interview. Continue with this form
  • Interviews with the purpose to promote click here


  • We may respond to you by email or phone with more questions.
  • We may review and discuss with you our paid options.
  • We may contact you for an interview.

Important to know:

  • We do not believe in “earned media” as a method to have our hard-working editorial team provide free coverage for commercial purposes – please click here for our highly respected commercial options.
  • We do not accept fam trips, merchandise, links, or tickets in return for publicity.
  • We do not guarantee inclusion when pitching for a  complimentary coverage
  • The bottom line:
    No free advertising on eTN. We don’t expect you or your PR agency to work for free, NOR can we.
  • If your story pitch is meant to give visibility or promote a destination, a business, event or person, please click here and learn about our effective visibility options.
  • If your release or brand was mentioned in an eTN story you can request to include a link, a name or source.
  • It's best to make this request when you submit your release, but this request can also be submitted after the article is published
  • A $50 fee will be billed if accepted
  • Requesting this would not give you priority to have your content included.

Paywall added to free content

  • A paywall may be added to your release if published.
  • A paywall requires the eTurboNews reader to subscribe to premium content or pay a one time fee to read a paywall article
  • A paywall is usually added on accepted newsworthy content that also in a sense could promote a brand or destination
  • Article opening numbers for paywall articles are usually low.
  • Adding a paywall has no influence for an article to be listed on major search engines, or Google, Yahoo and Bing News
  • If your release was accepted and a paywall was added, you can remove the paywall for a one time fee of $100.00, when indicated on this form.
    Removal of the paywall at a later time is possible for $200.00
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