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Breaking News and Paywall

Urgent Breaking News

  • eTN loves to break news. We’re the only publication related to travel and tourism with a 24/7 approach of coverage. 
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We do not accept FAM trips, merchandise, links, or tickets in return for publicity.

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We do not believe in “earned media” as a method to have our hard-working editorial team provide free coverage for commercial purposes.


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Paywall added to free content

  • A paywall may be added to a non commercial press-release if published.
  • A paywall requires the eTurboNews reader to subscribe to premium content or pay a one-time fee to read a paywall article.
  • A paywall is usually added to newsworthy content that also promotes a brand or destination.
  • Article opening numbers for paywall postings are usually low.
  • Adding a paywall has no influence for an article to be listed on major search engines, or Google, Yahoo, and Bing News.
  • Using our affordable commercial option will guarantee inclusion and avoiding a paywall .... and earn our thanks and respect!
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